Monday, April 7, 2008

Now we wait!

So now we are patiently (kinda) waiting for our engagement photo's! We should get a teaser in a few days and the full pictures in about 3 wks! We spent 3 hours shooting away at 12 locations! Yes, we counted them all! HA! We had 4 places in mind but it just expanding the more we drove around! Our photog, Michael, could not have been more fun and patient with us! He made us feel so comfortable which is why we hired him in the first place! Oh and the amazing pictures he showed us of other couples! We had a great wknd wine tasting and taking mock e-pix beforehand to calm our nerves!

We went to Los Olivos Cafe for lunch! There BBQ Chicken pizza is soo good! We also found some rare Justin wine too! We never see it anywhere so we picked up 6 bottles!

We also stopped by to take a pix at the Carhart Winery! Probably the smallest winery we've ever been too! It was also one of the places we went on our 3rd date! We told them it was our 12yr Anni and they totally believed us!

It was soo hard to pick which shoes I was going to wear for the pix! So I had to lay them out to decide!

We took some "nature" shoots too!

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