Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kari's Bridal Shower

My sister, Kelly and also MOH, hosted my shower at Long Beach Museum of Art! I wasn't able to get married there so the next best thing is having my shower there! It was an amazing day! Kelly did such an amazing job on all the decorations!!! The weather was perfect too!

Kelly's hand made centerpieces!
The host, Kelly!

On my last package (from Shannon A.) I finally ripped the ribbon! Whew!
Steve's mom, Karen, on my right. Steve's sister, Robin is on the other side!
The FMIL and the MOB! This is what they like to call themselves! It's a KAREN Sandwich! Yes they are both Karen! ;-)

My girls

The wedding party that was there! Kelly, Jenn, Natalie and Shannon!
The best cupcakes ever from 2nd Street! They even got my colors super close!


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