Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and baby gifts!

Thanksgiving started with my mom giving Kelly and Ryan some baby gifts. A tradition started back by my Great Grandmother. She would give a teddy bear to each new baby. My Grandma Jane kept the tradition going and now my mom has taken it over. So she found just the perfect teddy bear to give them for their new baby girl!

Next gift was a bunch of clothes that Kelly wore as a baby! Of course there is a whole other set for me too! My grandma Jane knitted all the sweaters for us before we were born. Actually she did one set and then when my mom found out it was twins at 7 months, my grandma had to do one more set!
Kelly remembered them!
I think mom was telling her that she use to wear these...ha!

This was the first dress ever bought for us!
Kelly wore the "tiny dancer" shirt when she was little. So she will pass it down to her daughter now!

This is the babies room. They have swatches on the wall to decide what colors to paint with. They are going with the cream and gray damask print on the right for the top half of the room. The bottom half with be a pale pink!
The babies bedding!
The room before it's done!
Kelly let me take a picture. She is 6 1/2 months already!
Now time to eat the thanksgiving meal.
Ryan cutting the bird! The food was soo good too! They did a great job!

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