Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Santa Ynez Valley...again!

We went to Solvang/Santa Ynez area this weekend. We had to move the reservations from when we had to fly to OK so we choose this weekend. It was amazing weather up there! 78 during the day..around 40's at night. We are members of most places up there now so we never have to pay for tastings! Which is so nice! Our first stop was Buttonwood.

Then we went to Zaca Mesa. We had no intentions of staying here as long as we did. Our favorite pourer, Darren, was there and we started talking to him a bunch since we had met him his first day of working there. He also got married right after we did so we have a lot im common. Then I look over and Steve is filling out the form to became members. Essh...not another one!? But that means you get to go to the reserve tasting room there. They had so many wines to taste it felt like we were there forever! But it was fun! We even met some more friends! You usually meet some weird, nice, interesting people wine tasting. But I think these were the most interesting we've ever met so far!

Our new friends, Larry and Claudia! They said they were "just friends" who knew each other back in High School (in the 60's) and just now got re-introduced! They were super cute and really nice people!
This is April, the reserve room pourer! She knows her stuff!

All in all we had a great, relaxing weekend once again, in wine country! So fun! Now back to reality...!

Steve has his first soccor game today with the 7th grade girls! Go Lexington!!!! ;-)

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kelly and ryan said...

yay for posting about your trip! i wanna goooo!