Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 month Appt-3 wks late

We had Jocelyn's 5 month appt yesterday. Although we had to push it back 3 wks because she had been sick. She got only one shot and only cried for a few seconds! She did great the rest of the night even after we meet our friends for Sushi is Laguna Beach!

Jocelyn's Stats for the month:
5months, 1 wk=12lbs
5 months, 2wk=12lbs, 50z
5 months, 3 wks=12lbs, 12oz

Jocelyn's Current Stats:
Weight:12lbs 10oz (5%)
Height:25 1/2" (50%)
Head/Brain: I forget but it's the (50%)

Eating: Still Breastfeed but we started to supplement Enfamil 2 wks ago at daycare. We also started oatmeal cereal + forumula + BM at night and mornings.

New things: Sitting up alone for a few seconds. Saying "NA" or "BA". Blowing bubbles with her tongue out. Loves being tickled and we have found her ribs on each side are very ticklish. Loves peak-a-boo. Loves babies and kids and will try and "talk" to them or giggle as they walk by! Very clingy to mom these days. Loves her daddy and looks for him every morning! Loves her exersaucer but frustrated she can not get all the toys in her mouth just yet. We need to put a pillow under her feet so she can touch the ground.

Concerns: Jocelyn has actually lost 2oz since last Saturday. Dr isn't sure why but not TOO alarmed yet. The dr said her brain is growing right on track along with her height. But they gave us a new formula to supplement called Enfamil+AR+no spit up. She never spits up but sometimes coughs/chokes and then throws up! Lovely! So we are trying to keep all calories in her and so we will try this. Dr gave the green light to start solids as well. So we will most likely start with blended avacodoes since they are high in fat.
Here are some pix of our photo shoot with Kelly and Emma! I'll post the cousin pictures soon too!

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Otter Thomas said...

Stopping by from the magical twitter networking. Your daughter is super cute!