Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nicolas' 5th Birthday

We went to Nicolas' 5th Birthday party at The Little Gym in Tustin on Saturday! We had a really great time until about half way through, Jocelyn seemed really tired and wanted to just lay in my arms. 

Totally unlike her especially when 20 kids were running around with balloons! She loves kids, especially her cousin Nicolas, so it was really weird for her to be that passive when all that was going on! Steve and I were trying not to worry too much but we both knew something was off with her. 

We got in the car to go to Robin and Jeff's for the family dinner part of Nicolas' party, when we heard the worse sound in the backseat ever! Jocelyn throwing up! I told Steve to pull over and I jumped into the backseat! Poor baby girl had already thrown up and was on her 2nd round! She threw up 3 times before Steve could get fully pulled over safely! We called the on call doctor immediately and they told us to not give her anything until she stopped throwing up. Then to just give her pedialyte until she had not throw up for a few hours. We got her home and she threw up again at 6:30pm. Thankfully that was the last time! We watched her all night but she only woke up once. Her fever never went above 100.2! So no Tylenol needed. I breastfeed her at 3am and she kept that down. She was pretty clingy to me all day but kept breastmilk down all day and then we fed her solids around 3pm. Still doing ok so far! Hope it was just a short 24 hour flu or something! 

We are super bummed we missed the second half of Nicolas' big 5th birthday! But at least we got to be at the first part. We got Nicolas Star Wars stuff and a photo album of pictures of him and  us at varius events during his first 5 years! It was so fun putting the album together for him! Happy 5th Birthday Nicolas! 
Poor baby girl was so not feeling well! She is giving lots more smiles today, thankfully!

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