Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 yr and 5 wk Stats

I realized I forgot to post the latest stats of the kiddies! So here we go!
Casen @ 5 wks
10lbs, 4oz and 22" long
I took him in because he had a clogged tear duct and I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything more. Jocelyn got the same thing at the same age. Thankfully it wasn't and it cleared up much faster than Jocelyn's did actually!
He is having some spit ups but obviously he is gaining weight and not in pain in between feedings. So we will keep a close eye on it considering Jocelyn's severe reflux and put him on meds if he needs them.
He smiles a lot now and even coos now!

Jocelyn at 2yrs and a few weeks
26lbs, 33" long
She had her 2yr appt and got to stand on the "big girl" scale! She did so well considering how nervous she was in the waiting room. The doctor was really happy that she is putting 3 and 4 word sentences together! The only negative was her excema which is an on and off issue. We continue to try and tackle it and be as aggressive as we can to keep it under control.

Mommy now has to bribe a bit to get pictures...with a donut!

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