Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Casen!

 Today is Casen's 2nd Birthday but we've been celebrating for a few days now! Saturday we got to go to Disney Junior Sofia the First Show/Jake and the Neverland Pirate's Live Show. That was Casen and Jocelyn's birthday gift from Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ryan.
 Which the kids both loved!

 Then on Sunday night we went to Red Robin so that the kids got a birthday sundae and song!
 Casen wasn't so into his Sunday but Jocelyn loved hers!

 This was Sunday night as he went to bed as a 1 year old. Then woke up as a 2 year old!!
 I love this side by side 2 years later!
 Birthday Day! We had a well visit and then off to Disneyland we went! He talked to all the nurses and was so friendly with Doctor Kaplan. Talking away too! The dr was very impressed with his speaking skills! He even got to stand on the big boy scale! He's now 28 lbs and 33" tall!
 Now off to Disneyland! Got his birthday button at the parking garage!
 We then went to Disney Live at California Adventure! Casen loves the music and the falling bubbles the most!
 Had his 1st corndog and finished the entire thing!!!

 One last photo before we go! He went from 9:30-2pm! We covered a lot of ground!
 Then he passed out in the car and slept another 2 hours at home!
 Once Daddy and Jocelyn got home we had dinner and then sang to Casen! Which he loved!!

 Played outside a little and then off to bed!

Casen you are truely such a happy boy. He never let a person pass you without saying "HI" or "BYE!" with such happiness in your voice. You talk to people and point things out. You are becoming such a big boy! We love that you love to snuggle and give hugs and kisses daily! Your love of music and dancing is so fun to watch. You so want to do everything your big sister does and when we sometimes won't let you, you are not too happy about it. But are easily distracted! We can't wait to see what more you learn this 2nd year of your life! We love you! Happy Birthday Casen Patrick!

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