Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beach Day

 After naps we went to Seal Beach! It was much cooler today but since the fires were still going strong we wanted Jocelyn to be breathing in less smoke. The beach was the best place to be!

 She was ready way before anyone else. With Casen taking 4 hr naps we had to keep her entertained before we all ready to go!

 At first we thought it might be too cold but the water was actually warm! Jocelyn loved it while Casen was still very cautious and wanted to be held still. Although he laughed hysterically everytime the waves came to our feet.

 Casen kept saying, "Mommy my hands dirty! I wash em', OK!?" Then he would start walking to the car. LOL! So we had to get a bucket of water to keep washing his hands every 5 seconds...literally!

 We played ball too! Had such a nice time....but then it was time to go....

Back home and clean after a much needed bath!!!

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