Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Random July 2014 Photos


 Jocelyn is very into Wonder Women now. She wants to be WW for her birthday! Casen is super into Batman so this works for a dual super hero party!!
 Our amazing real estate agent sent us this playground as a thank you for using him!! Since the grass is growing in great we could finally put it up!
 The kids loved playing with the box while Daddy spent the day putting it together!

 Of course they had to help too!

 Of course we picked the most hot and muggy weekend ever with thunder clouds looming in the distance.

 Success!!! 1st time on their swings!!!!!

 2 years ago going to Grandma's house!
 The many faces of Jocelyn!

 It finally started raining so we went out to enjoy it under our umbrella. Jocelyn has a hard time taking photos without blinking!
July went by way too fast!!

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