Friday, October 3, 2008

Kristen's Baby Girl Shower!

Mandy and Noah!

The soon to be mom and dad! Doesn't she look amazing!
I love how they hung some of the onsies from the light! So cute!

Here is all of our masterpieces! The bikini design won! Picked by the momma! I don't know who's that was though!

Here is my simple design..
Love all the tiny, cute gifts! She got some great stuff! I didn't have time to blog about this until day! Almost a week later, whoops! I went to Kristen's baby shower on Sunday at her parents house in Bixby Knolls! She is 30 weeks now and looking amazing! Baby Cameron or Bella...or Emma or Brooke or Taylor...ha will be here in December! As you can see they haven't quite decided on a name but as I understand Cameron and Bella are on the top of the list! I can't wait to see which one they pick! They are all great names!
The first activity was eating of course! Hello we are gamma phi's..what else would we do first!? So after that they had a super cute idea to decorate onsies! We all got a white onsie and had fabric pens to decorate with. As most of you know this is not an ideal condition for me! I need ribbon and my handy glue gun! However I had none of those things...I felt a bit lost. So mine was rather simple and plain...but less is more right?!