Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birth Story

I wanted to write this down before I forget too much!
We went from 1-4cm's in 4 wks. Starting at 36wks and going to 40wks!
On Sept 30th (2 days after our due date) our doctor tried to schedule us an induction for 6am on Oct. 1st. But the hospital was full and said they would call us if a bed opened up! We didn't hold out hope for them calling but around 4:15pm we got the call that a bed had opened up and we could come down at any time! Steve had just gotten home from work and we were not prepared for that call. We ran around the house, took showers and put our already packed bag in the car! It was a surreal 5 minute trip to the hospital knowing that we were going to have our baby!

5pm-We were checked into one of the labor rooms and they had started the IV. Worst part if you ask me! They also let me know I was having contractions 10 minutes apart on my own! I didn't even realize that!

6pm-They started a slow drip of pitocin to speed up the contractions.

8pm-Contractions started to get stronger.

9pm-I decided it was time for the epidural! They had told me I could have gotten the epi at anytime but I felt like I wanted to make sure it wouldn't slow down my progress. So I tried to hold out as long as I could. I was surprised that the contractions got so strong in only an hour! I remember my sister and mom said, "you can do it, just make it to grey's anatomy!"

The epi took right away on the right side. Not so fast on the left though. They had me lay on my left side to try and get it to take. After about 45 minutes it finally started to take on the left side but never completely.

I basically had no pain for a few hours and then I started to feel some super intense pressure "down there".

11:45pm-I told the nurse I had to push! I think I may have even begged her to let me push! But she assured me I didn't have to and the baby wasn't about to come out. Finally she checked me and discovered that I was 10cm's already and maybe I should practice pushing with her ! Hello, that is what I was trying to tell you! :-) So she helped me do some practice pushes and then said, "oh your baby has dark hair!" Steve and I were like, "excuse me?" After that, things happened pretty quick. I did a few more sessions of practice pushes with the nurse during each contraction. Then my mom and sister left the room at 12:18. I remember hearing my doctors voice and she was there ready to do her part! I did 4 sessions of pushing with her and the last push on the 4th round I heard the doctor say, "ok one more and she should be out!" I just remember thinking, "how about now!" and so I pushed one more time and she came right out!

12:33pm Jocelyn Jane Ione was born and the doctor put her on my stomach! I remember looking up at Steve and could not believe we were actually touching our daughter after all these months! We both lost it! Steve cut the cord and we took about an hour with her before we let everyone come in and meet her.

She was 7lbs, 4oz, 2o 1/2". Although at her first doctor's appt she was 19 1/2" so I guess that is not so accurate!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you guys...aunt cherie

Jen and Brian Tees said...

I'm with you...the iv was the worst part for me too! So happy everything turned out perfect:)