Thursday, October 1, 2009

No call yet

As we pretty much figured, Labor and Delivery has not called us yet! We figured they wouldn't but we were holding out a little bit of hope!

We walked last night as much as I could and I walked again today to try and get things started on our own! I've been cleaning more (not much left to clean) around the house! I'm even down to scrapping out every last crumb at the bottom of the toaster! You know the things you always promise yourself you will get to but never do! So I guess that is good! I keep getting contractions on and off but nothing too strong! Part of us wants to just go to L&D and see what they say! We just don't want to get sent home though! So I guess we will just wait still!

I'm not sleeping too much so I'm super tired. I know I need to rest up for when labor does start so I'm trying to create a happy medium between staying active and also not overdoing it!

If anything happens before Monday we will let everyone know!

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