Monday, October 4, 2010

1st Birthday PART 1

I'm doing her 1st Birthday Blog post in two parts. We took over 900 picture's so you can imagine how much time it's taking us to go through them. Plus this is another super insane week full of activities!


Auntie Robin

Grandma E and Emma

Emma helping Jocelyn open the gift she got her! A big cardboard doll house that she can play in and color! She also got her a book and washable pens!!

Grandma E with Jack

Jocelyn and Jayen (born 6 days after Jocelyn). Jayen in my cousin Micheal's son!

My cousin Curtis with his son Merrick!

Jocelyn enjoyed sharing her toys...I think!?

More toy sharing! This red car was a hot item at the party! I heard, "MINE" yelled a few times but little ones trying to get a ride! Ha!

Uncle Ryan reading the book he got Jocelyn! Emma is not so sure about her daddy reading to someone else!

This picture was taken by my friend Jenni. It almost looks like Jocelyn is holding up a "ONE"!

What a mess! I think she ate half of that thing!
Daddy love!
Cousin Nicolas and Cousin Emma posing by the birthday girl!
Cambria and Reagan got in there too!
Grandma Davis getting birthday girl kisses!
Grandma Karen's!

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kelly and ryan said...

LOVE all the pics! the party was so awesome and you had such great finishing touches to everything! so creative!