Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Kelly just got back from Bangladesh after traveling for work, so it was nice to be able to see her. She and Emma came down and we did a little impromptu pumpkin patch run! The girls had a good time I think! They were a little confused as to what we were doing but for sure had a good time! At least we know the mommies did for sure!
Say CHEESE! 1, 2, best shot we got of two very busy toddlers!
Ok, all done with that!
She liked this one!
Flowers for mommy!
I can't pull these out mommy!
A not so scary, scare crow!
Emma ready to run!
Very busy!
Emma and Auntie Kelly running through the maze!
Wait, where did they go?
BOO!!!!! There they are!!!!! PEEK-A-BOO! Jocelyn and Emma thought that was rather hysterical!
"Awwwww" as Jocelyn likes to say a lot these days! They had old school chairs around so parents could watch their kiddies on the bouncers. But Emma and Jocelyn thought the chairs were way more fun than a bouncer! Up and down and up and down...whew, the mommies are getting tired!
What great fun we had this year! Next year we will be running through the pumpkins for sure! Thanks for the fun Auntie Kelly and cousin Emma!

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