Thursday, September 1, 2011

36 wks, 23 months!

I will be 36wks weeks tomorrow and Jocelyn will be 23 months! YAY!

I had a doctors appt yesterday for Casen! It was not a good one. My first bad one actually! I had come from a super stressful day at work which was probably the biggest problem.

They always weight and do blood pressure first as always and so when she saw my first reading of blood pressure she said, "Oh that can't be right!" and she reset it. So I didn't see the first reading. But the 2nd was 187/84. She wasn't happy with that one either. So she put me in a dimly lighted room, gave me water and ordered me to relax and take a breath! She would let me see the doctor and then re-check it. The doctor eventually let me leave when they got a 173/71 reading!

Our doctor came in shortly after and of course the first thing out of her mouth is "what is going on with this blood pressure!?" I explained about the stressful day and all.

My labs also came back showing early signs of preeclampsia. So those two things combined are not good. However I wasn't swollen at all so that was a good sign.

She basically said she would leave my last day of work up to me for now, but that she reserved the right to pull me out whenever she wanted. I told her I was trying to make it one more week and she said we would re-check me on Wednesday to see where I was at.

However I decided to leave work early today and then take all of Friday off.
Then I will return Tuesday-Friday and finish out the week. I feel good about this plan and hope the doctor agree come Wednesday! But we shall see!

Definitely want to keep this little man cooking as long as possible!

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Anonymous said...

stop working RIGHT NOW!!!!! I AM the boss of you.I knew when I started reading your post what you were going to say.I am gonna call you Mon and you better be home....ok...I won't. But no running around this weekend you...AC