Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jocelyn's 2nd Birthday Party

We had to do Jocelyn's 2nd birthday party early since her baby brother is due on the 30th! We went with a Unicorn and Rainbow theme this time! Something mommy and daddy picked! Probably the last time we can pick her theme!

It was a really low-key but ended up being super fun! It wasn't too hot either this time!
Grandma E made the cupcakes for me!

My mom also made the fruity pebbles treats for me too!

Emma went straight to the play-do table!

We had to wake up the birthday girl but she quickly warmed up!
Jennifer, Kristine and Allison!
Thankfully Nicolas got to meet Tyler who is 5! It's hard when the party was geared towards 2 yr olds!

Bubble time!
Brody and Maddy watching some TV!
Ava in the car and Brody and Ryder playing with Jocelyn!
We tried to get a group picture but Jocelyn wasn't having it yet!
Cake time!!!
Everyone sang to Jocelyn!
I think it made her feel a little shy!

Daddy let her lick the candles!

Yummy rainbow cake that mommy made!

Maddy and Jocelyn eating the cake!

Grandma Davis and Jocelyn getting cleaned up after her cake!

Jack drawing on the chalk wall with Jocelyn!

Cousins playing in Casen's room!

Playing Ring around the rosie!
Jocelyn hugging Charlotte goodbye!

Emma and Jocelyn dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba at the end of the party! What a super fun day!!

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