Friday, December 23, 2011

Casen 3-months & Santa

Casen is 3 months today! As soon as iphoto decides to work I will upload his 3 month photos that we took super quick.

So as you see Casen saw Santa yesterday! Notice Jocelyn's not in the photo? Yeah well that was because she was TERRIFIED of Santa when we got there!

I had talked to her about Santa for weeks...literally! Since I know her personality and had a feeling she would be timid! But from day one of talking to her she always said she did NOT want to sit on his lap or take a photo with him! We finally came to a compromise of me sitting on his lap and she would sit on MY lap. Although in my head I didn't really plan on doing exactly that. Maybe kneeling next to him! I'm a little old for that I'd think! Ha!

But when we go there and I told her what line we were waiting in she got sad and wanted "my daddy" the whole time. Then we got to the front and showed her Santa thinking it might put her mind at ease! Um had the opposite affect! She freaked! She practically tried to climb over Steve's head to get away from him! So then we just had Casen sit on his lap since we definitely wouldn't push Jocelyn! Not worth it!

But at least mommy got a photo of Casen's 1st Christmas with Santa! Maybe I'll photoshop Jocelyn in some day!? :-)

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