Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family Vacation....of 4!!

Gorgeous views on our family vacation this year! Overall we had a really great time! A few different things to deal with while traveling with two littles but created some great memories!

Hanging out on our long drive!

On our drive we saw this poor truck driver who has his whole cab on fire! He was safely out when we saw this!

Time to stop and feed the little man!

We had to stop a LOT with the 2 kids on the way up! Our last stop Jocelyn and daddy made shadow people!! It took us from 8am to 6:30 to get up there!

Jocelyn playing in the shadows!

We were really close to a mall and outside mall in Roseville! So one day we walked over there! It was pretty cold at 44 degrees at some points so we bundled up the babies!

Once night in Roseville we let Jocelyn get a little ice cream sandwich! We put it in a to go box to keep the mess down! Looked like Casen wanted one too!
Wes stopped at a place called Case de Frutas on our way to Grandpa's house! It was a really cool place where everything started with "Casa de.."! So they had Case de Diesel, Casa de Wine, Casa de Resturant...everything. Even a Case de ChooChoo!!

We found a mini train that we all could ride called Casa de Choo Choo! Jocelyn LOVED and it and said, "this train is AWESOME!"

We passed a pond!

Before we got to my Grandpa's house we had to take a very curvy road! I was sitting in the back with Jocelyn when she said, "mommy i need out! my throat!!" and she reached up for her mouth! I knew exactly what was about to happen but of course couldn't react nearly as fast as I would have liked! Being on a curvy road up in the mountains there was little chances to pull over! So this was where we ended up! That is all the picture from that experience you will need to see! Ha! She was eating dinner an hour later so we knew it was just her being car sick! Just like her mommy and ironically this also happened to me going to my Grandpa Mac's house when I was about 10! Poor baby girl!!!

We discoverd that Casen has very similar eyes and nose structure to his Great-Grandpa Mac!

This is us at dinner with my Grandpa and Ellen. They have a full dining room at their senior living apt! They have set menu's and with usually 3 choices and then of course an alternative! You can have as much of anything that you want! They even had wine! All the seniors LOVED the kids of course and kept coming over to our table to say hi!

Joceyn showing Ellen how the iPad works!

Daddy & Casen at our apt.


When I was breastfeeding Casen, Jocelyn liked to sit in the front seat with daddy for a little bit! What a great vacation with lots of different adventures when traveling with 2 little ones!

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