Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th Of July Weekend!

 So we had a 5 day weekend this year! Such a fun and relaxing weekend! We did a lot of water play in the backyard!

 Had to pull up some old photos of years past too!

 One of my favorites!

 Since the kids are older now and able to handle riding a bike in a parade, we did the Long Beach Bike Parade again this year. The kids loved it. They were so tired afterwards. They booked it with all the other kids and Steve and I completely lost them. Thankfully David had his skateboard and kept up with them!
 We had fun decorating!!

 These photos got out of order. We went to Grandma's house on the 3rd! Casen actually got IN the water this time! So cool! He had a good time!

 Back to the bike parade. See that sea of bikes?? Crazy!

 David took photos of the kids for us! So glad he was able to keep up with them!

 Silliness before we left for the fireworks!

 Firework time!!
 Whoa-too close!
 Yesterday Jocelyn had a great drs appt! Her GI said she is now finally exactly where she needs to be. Great weight and height so he's leaving her on her meds for another 3 months. He doesn't want to change them in the middle of summer or before school starts since it's going so well!

 Daddy went to get popcorn so he's not in the photos! :-(
 After the movies the kids eyed the splash pad! Why not-we ended up going right home and playing in our backyard with water anyways!

Such a nice long relaxing weekend!
 Added some more Fourth of July Fun photos that Daddy had taken!

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