Monday, July 18, 2016

Family Photos

 Going through some old family photos so I wanted to document them on here for Jocelyn and Casen later. This first photo is a photo of Otis Zimmerer (my Grandma Jane's Grandfather on her mother's side). He was an artist! We had a painting of his hanging in our house for years when I was growing up.
 This is a photo of Jasper "Jass" Courtney. He was my Grandma's second husband who ended up passing away on a ship going to fight in World War II.
 A photo of my Grandma Jane on her Wedding Day! My mom wore the same dress at her wedding!
Another Grandma Jane photo.
 My three aunts and mom at my Aunt Dianne's wedding (that is why Dianne is not pictured). Aunt Cindy, My mom, Aunt Cherie and my Aunt Kristi.
 Aunt Dianne, Cherie, Cindy, my mom and their brother Craig who passed away at 4yrs old.
 My Grandma Jane
 Dianne and my mom Karen playing in a pool outside with 2 friends.
 My mom Karen, Cherie, Craig and Cindy
 Dianne and my Mom with my Grandma Jane
 Dianne, Karen, then not sure if that is Cherie and Cindy or Cindy and Cherie. Then Aunt Kristi (the baby) and my Grandma Jane in the hat.
 Cindy, Karen and Cherie

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