Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jocelyn's 7th Birthday Party

 This year we took 10 (All girls at Jocelyn's request) to Big Air to jump for Jocelyn's party!
 Jocelyn, Addy (from school) and Merilyi (from dance).

 Casen had two friends as well!

 Hannah (from preschool and school) and Addy

 Jocelyn and Addy jousting!
 Daddy and Jocelyn jousted too!!
 Jocelyn and Taylor
 Finally time for pizza and cake! Hannah was sad not to sit next to Jocelyn :-(
 She wanted a Num Noms/Shopkin Oreo Cookie Cake

 Annabelle and Jocelyn

 Mom and Dad presents!

 Jocelyn decorated her door!
Sunday we relaxed at Grandma's pool all afternoon! It was so nice!
 Forgot to add her riding the bull at the Big Air Jump place

 Riding bikes this weekend

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