Thursday, October 6, 2016

Things Casen Says

Casen asked me how old I was going to be on my birthday.
Me: 39
Casen: *eyes get really big* "Wow that is ALMOST 100!!"

Making Casen and updated Earthquake kit for preschool because his expired:
Casen: "Is THAT my lunch?"
Me: "No it's your new earthquake kit for school!"
Casen: "Well I don't like, that, that or that!"
Me: "You will eat it in an earthquake if you are super hungry"
Casen: "No I won't!"
Me: "Then you can share and trade with your friends!"
Casen: "We can't share food at school!"
Me: "It's OK, you can in earthquakes"

Quick for awhile
Casen: "MOM? Will there by an Earthquake today?"
Me: "Oh no don't worry! None today!"
Casen: "MAN! I REALLY wanted to share today!"

Side note: there WAS a small earthquake today....only a 2.9 but thankfully Casen didn't feel it! Essh....that will teach me to lie!

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