Friday, July 29, 2016

Nutcracker Auditions 2016

 On Wed Jocelyn had another year of Nutcracker Auditions! This will be her 3rd year doing the Nutcracker! This year she tried out for the "Party Scene", Marzipan and Flowers! We should find out soon which one she gets!
Jocelyn got moved up to Ballet Level 2 now! That is usually girls 7-16. But she's only 6! So proud of her!

 I could only sneak a few photos of the actual audition!

 Afterwards she was SO hyper. She showed me the marzipan dance she learned!

VBS week!

 The kids did VBS this year since both are old enough now! Finally not as shy! They are LOVING it!! They come home exhausted but so happy!

Cypress Festival

 Jocelyn playing games at the Festival!
 It was a bit warm! So we had snow cones at 10am!
 Only 2 of them performed at the festival. All others were on vacation. So she did a duet with Brendan!
 Casen's turn for some games!!

Random Photos

 This is Jocelyn's "MONDAY" face! HAHAHA!
 Casen wanted to bake cookies with Daddy!

 Our AC unit went down on one seriously hot night! We barely made it through! Jocelyn couldn't sleep but I told her it was most likely because she was dancing on her bed! HA! Thankfully the AC unit just needed a small part and was fixed the next day!
Casen beating the heat!!

Happy 8 years to US!

We celebrated our anniversary at home this year! Went to Duke's in Huntington Beach! It was so nice! Happy 8 years to us!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Recitals and Horse Races

 Last week on Wed and Thursday Jocelyn had her dance recital rehearsals. Then the recital was on Sunday!

 This is her Jazz 1 class with Ms Ester

 All done with rehearsal!
 Saturday night we went to the Los Al Race Track for the wiener dog races!

 We ended up seeing friends we knew and sat at their table for dinner! Jocelyn had fun playing with their daughter, Charlotte.

 Casen loved cheering for the dogs and the horses!

 Well into the night! LOL! Looked down and saw it was 9pm!

 Then Sunday was the recital! From 10am-8pm! Most of it standing backstage. My feet are sore! But it was really fun to get to be backstage and see all the action!

 Jocelyn's school and dance friend, Sophia!
 Jocelyn's dance friend Taylor!
 Even Jocelyn's preschool teachers came! So sweet of Karina, Paige and Tracie to come!
 An hour long break between shows! Waiting for daddy to bring subway over.
 Second Show now!! It went 3hrs and 45min's. Yikes! But we made it!

 She came home a lunchable and ice cream! Her favorite!
What a fun day!!!! We crashed in bed! Can't wait for the Nutcracker next!!!