Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Vacation

 We kicked off the vacation with Jocelyn's Nutcracker/Winter Recital. This is her and Mireyli in the "party scene". They had a BLAST!!!

 Grandma E and Jocelyn

 Christmas Morning!!!!

 Telling them we are getting a dog! J was in tears!

 Grandma Davis got Jocelyn a "J" and a "D" pillow! She loves them!
 Casen has been asking for this police motorcycle forever since he wants to be a Police Officer (or so he says now). He had a BLAST on this thing all week. Riding up and down he turned a lot of heads!
 Off to Kelly's house for Christmas afternoon!

 Everyone ended up wearing their Chewbacca PJ's! Drew wore his elf ones!
 Kept forgetting to ask people to take a photo of us in front of the tree! This was the best we got! LOL!

 In and Out the day after Christmas!
 A sometimes rare sweet moment between them!
 Off to Knotts Berry Farm while we are blocked from Disneyland!

 Stunt Show!

 Casen made this face on purpose! He wasn't liking the long wait for the stunt show! But we got the seats where we sit in the wagons! So cool!
 Casen got a haircut and had to swing by Grandma's house to show her!
 What? It's New Years Eve already???

 They were counting down!
 First day of the new year we went off to play with cousins on our new bikes!

 Last day of our vacation (well Casen and I anyways) we went to Seal Beach. The sand is so much easier to walk on in the winter! It wasn't too cold! Jocelyn and I collected more sea shells for our art project and Daddy and Casen built a really cool sand castle with cool tunnels and everything! Then we got BBQ for lunch! Such a relaxing vacation this year at home!

 Back to ballet! First day back after a week and half off! The girls were worked hard!!

and that's a wrap!!! Time to get back to work and the swing on the new year schedule!

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