Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Rain, Birthday Parties and Fun

 I stayed home on Friday and it rained ALL DAY LONG! We could not play outside at all! Never seen it rain that long.

After school we got Jocelyn this Yummy Nummy kit she had been dying to try! It was fun to make but disgusting to eat! LOL!
Saturday we went to a friends birthday party in San Juan Capistrano! Thankfully it was the one day it didn't rain this weekend! 

 There were tons of puddles but the kids had a blast playing with the animals!

 We even got to take a nice walk Saturday night!

 But then the rain came back on Sunday! We had to go to my nieces play in MB and the freeways were very scary on the way home! Everything started to flood since we've been getting so much rain and no where for all the water to go.

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