Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Recital 2017 Jazz 2 and Ballet 2 / Mary Poppins

 This long fourth of July weekend kicked off with Jocelyn's Dance Recital Rehearsal for Jazz 2, Ballet 2 and Mary Poppins! had to start it off with a good breakfast!
 Then time for hair and makeup!
 1st Up was Jazz 2 with Ms Esther. D.A.N.C.E ! I still hear it in my head!

 Then Ballet 2 was next!

 Finally time for the Chimney Sweepers! Such a fun but very fast dance!
 Makayla, Devan and Jocelyn
 Makayla, Jocelyn and Maren with Maren's friend.

 She danced on a box this time! Scary!

 None of the hats stayed on but Jocelyn's because I had sewed a headband into the inside. So another mom and I sewed a headband into all the hats the night before! Whew, took forever!
 All Jazz 2 girls with Ms Esther!
 Devan and Jocelyn pretending they were in jail before the recital!
 Charlotte and Jocelyn playing backstage!
 Emma came to see the big show!
 Of course Grandma E was there too!
 Beau came out to see Casen! So sweet!

 Miss Tracie, Miss Paige and Miss Karina all came out to see Jocelyn! All of them were Jocelyn's preschool teachers! They always come support her!

 time for glitter spray!
 Being silly before they go onstage!
 Backstage mom view!

 All done but waiting for the show to end! Flipping bottles! Ha!

 Our little Jazzerina's!

 Moms going crazy backstage helping to change all the girls in time!!

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