Monday, July 10, 2017

USS Midway San Diego Visit

 First weekend in the summer that we had no plans so we decided to go down to San Diego and see the USS Midway! Pretty cool!
 It was the hottest day of the year so far but being close to the beach there was a TINY breeze...tiny! The kids had fun! They weren't super into the small spaces or the smells when you go below the cabin but they still had fun!

 We had recorders that played stories so the kids loved pushing the buttons to hear different stories.

 Took some convincing but finally got Casen to do this!

 Chip dress! Being silly at lunch!

 We let Casen get this outfit! He hasn't taken it off since we left! He's slept with it twice and tried to wear it to church-but we convinced him to take it off. Then right back on when we got home! He's too darn cute in it!!

 Oh yeah and Casen insisted on wearing this outfit! So cute!!

 Casen is coping the end of the plane with his mouth! LOL!
 Hooray for a successful trip!!!

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