Monday, December 15, 2008

Curtis & Jackie's Wedding

Curtis and I before the ceremony!

My cousin Curtis and his fiancee got married this past Saturday! I was their when Curtis was born and remembering holding him thinking he was such a heavy baby! Of course I was only 9 then! I think we saw them almost every weekend when I was growing up so we have some great memories together! I just can't believe he is married now! I did their invites for them so it's been fun hearing about all their planning. This wasn't just any wedding though. It was a renassiance themed wedding with a little Christmas thrown in there! They encouraged everyone to dress in the themed apparel! The closest we got was getting a sword screened shirt for Steve to wear! But we were suprised to see how many people did dress up for the them! Despite the rain and freezing temp., the night went well and I think everyone had a good time!

Jackie's dad, a pastor, married them in full renassiance attire! Super cute flower girls! My aunt made their dresses! These were the ushers! Slightly intmading with those spear thingy's!
Jackie and my Aunt Kristi (Curtis' mom). As you can see she got into the theme as well!

Aunt Kristi and Uncle Michael!

Curtis, Jackie, me and Steve!

Steve and I, waiting for the ceremony to begin! I had the giggles BIG time!
The back of the shirt that we got for Steve!

Aunt Cherie and Mom! I think the giggle's started when we realized we were on the wrong side! We are so use to being on the brides side! Whoops!

Caroline (Curtis' sister) was a bridesmaid. That is her fiancee, Kenny! He leaves for Iraq Jan. 21st! They got engaged last week actually, but are waiting to get married until after he returns!

Here are the other twins in our family! Sonia and Sameer! My cousin Michael and Annik dressed them in the most renassiance outfits that they had! They loved it! My cousin, Michael with Sonia and his wife, Annik with Sameer! They just moved to Del Mar in San Diego from DC! We are so excited to have them in Cali now!

My mom with Sonia!

I love this picture of Sameer! He is taking it all in as we ate dinner! Like a little man!

Sonia was cracking herself up! Sam is on the more serious side though!

Dinner was either a beef bread bowl or chicken, veggies and potatoes! I had signed up for the beef bread bowl but I chickened out at that last minute. Although everyone said it was really good!
The groomsmen decorating my cousins car!

Their cake was cheesecake because neither of them like regular cake!

Now they are off on their honeymoon down in San Diego for the week! Congratulations Curtis and Jackie!

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