Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mosun Sushi!

Last night we went to Sushi down in Laguna Beach! It's sligthly far from home but it's worth it! On Monday night they have ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi for $20! We met Darren and Jenni down there this time! We had crunch rolls, potstickers, korean beef, shrimp tempura (well not me of course) and miso soup! You can only sit at your table for an hour and half and you must eat everything on your plate or they charge you the full price. Although I've never known them to do that yet! But the plate sizes are much smaller than usual so you can get through much more!
This is only one order of these that Darren got. He ate 20 of this little guys! They put his on a big plate since he ordered them at the beginning! So good and such a great deal!

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