Monday, December 1, 2008

Palm Springs Weekend!

Before we went to Palm Spring we went to Steve's grandparents old house in Yucca Valley. His grandparents and mom built it from the ground up in the 70's! Steve and his sister have so many great memories there. They sold it a few years back but Steve hadn't seen it in awhile and we have been wanting to come see it for awhile! So this was a perfect oppurtunity to go!

This is the street the house is on...
UPDATE: Above is the house BEFORE. This is what up looked like when Steve and Robin were growing up!

The house! It's blue now. It use to be yellow. The tree is SO much bigger than it was in the picture's Steve had shown me from when he was little. They had also added on a garage to the side. Steve said they changed the slant on the roof as well! There were a few bank owned homes around it. We were secretly hoping it might be too, but it wasn't!

We walked to the back and saw that it was full of horse stalls now! Very different from what his grandparents had back there.
Here is the back of the house! We got as far back as we could! But then I saw two pit bulls that were not chained and not behind a fence. We slowwwllyy backed up and then hi-tailed it to the car! Scary!

I was sort of obsessed with the sunset that night!

The first night in Palm Springs we went to dinner at the Chop House and then met Jenn and David at The Village. Then we were off to the Spa Resort Casino right in the downtown part of Palm Springs! This band was playing hit songs, including Sublime! Of course we had to dance to Sublime!

Then we went to this club called Zelda's that David and Jenn had been to before! It was an 80's club when they went one night awhile back so we thought it would be fun! However, apparently they change the theme often! We paid $10 to get in so we wanted to stay to get our money's worth! The boys were playing pool while the girls were just people watching (our favorite). But then these guys come out and started stripping! They had a full on routine's and dance moves! All these girls started screaming! We all looked at each other like, what just happened? Where are we? It was soo weird! It was SOO smoky from man made smoke we could barely see anything though! We left soon after girls started dancing on the poles!

We weren't looking..promise! HA!

The 2nd night we went to dinner at Las Casuelas. It was pretty good food but we sat right on the street so we could be in the middle of the action! We took our time eating and had a great time!

On our way home we saw some of the burn area's from the recent fires! The cross off the 91 was still there!!! YAY!
Look how close it was to the fwy! Featherly Park was burned a lot! All in all it was a great weekend! The weather was prefect! It got into the 80's during the day! We got to decorate for Christmas a bit on Sunday when we got home! We are so ready for Christmas!

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