Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Casen is 16 months Old Today!

 Casen turned 16 months today! He is still such a happy baby! Of course he has his moments but even when he is crying you can make him laugh super fast!

He did start throwing temper tantrums last month while we were on vacation. That was much earlier than Jocelyn ever started. It's much harder to reason with his age. So we just make sure he is safe and let him work it out on his own! Keeping him to a routine definitely helps cut any "fits" down!

A few days ago he started saying, "EEEZZZ" for cheese when we would hold up our phones to take a photo!
He also said, "ALLDONE!" in the bath last night and stood up ready to get out!

He says "UH-OH" about 95 times a day! He does it if ANY toy is on the ground, something falls, he or we drop something..on and on and on! But every time it's so cute to hear his voice!
 He discovered Hawaiian rolls and just loves them! He will still eat just about anything! It's been nice to cook him whatever and give him a smaller, cut up portion of what Steve and I are eating. He also loves to read...or pretend to read. He is finally letting me read about 3 pages now before he closes the book and he moves on to something else!
He copies everything Jocelyn does and his favorite thing is to sit on the couch next to her! He seems so proud of himself doing that!

He also loves balls and throws them all the time. He thinks its so funny! He is very into music as well and anytime he hears it he will stop and start bouncing up and down! He sometimes does this move where he puts his hip way out and turns in a circle! He also recently started adding a stomping move to his dance routine!

Casen also started to take a liking to that Fisher Price CD toy. He loves putting the CD in and out of the top slot and pushing the buttons for noise!

HAIR: His hair is starting to turn a little darker everyday too.
EYES: His eyes remain blue (no surprise there)
TEETH: He still only has 4 teeth! Can you believe it? He got them basically all at once and NONE since! So funny to us!
WEIGHT: We aren't entirely sure of his weight because we haven't done his vaccines this month yet. Guess around 23-24lbs.
CLOTHES: He is comfortably in 18 months clothes now although I roll up the pants and sleeves.
SHOES: He remains in a size 5ish shoe still though. Thankfully!!
HEAD: His head is still ginormous but again doctors say it's normal. Some shirts I can barely get on him it's so big!

We are loving this little guys personality and can't wait to see what he learns next month!!!

Happy 16 months Casen......and to us!

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