Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jocelyn's 1st Dance Class

 Today, 1.10.13, Jocelyn took her first ballet/tape combo class! Ever since I heard the words, "you are having a girl" I've dreamed of this moment! I could hardly wait for the day to come. Since she is on the young side it seemed we had to wait forever to get into this class!

We started at our local rec center where just about every dancer in our city has started. With Miss Ginger of course! She has been there for 35+ years! Everyone has stories about her that I've talked too!
 I took a million photos so bare with me!

Casen had to join in for a few! He wanted to stand on the wall too....or do whatever Jocelyn is doing always!
 Ok off we go!!!! She was SOO excited!!!
 Class begins!!!! Jocelyn went right out with no hesitation at all!

 Yep, I took a lot of photos!

 "barre" work! She listened to everything and did all the moves!

 I'm bias but hello she is almost the only one doing what the teacher is! Love it!
 You go Jocelyn!!!!
 Best ballerina ever!

 She kept looking at Steve and I but trying NOT to smile...she was taking it VERY serious! We love that!

 Now floor work!
 Across the floor she goes.....
 and back again......
 Now individual floor time. Miss Ginger would call the girls names and then they had to leap across the floor. When it was Jocelyn's turn she did 3 leaps and Miss Ginger said, "Good job Jocelyn!' The teacher knew the kids names right away! No idea how she does that!

 She was SOOOO proud of herself afterwards and beaming from ear to ear! She didn't want to leave and wanted to know when she had her next class! She was hoping for tomorrow but I had to let her know she had a whole week to wait!
 Our tiny dancer!!!!

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