Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Disney

 Last Saturday we sent Steve to Disneyland with Jocelyn alone. Casen had a bad Friday night so I took him to the doctors. They said he had the beginnings of an ear infections in his left ear and since he had not been on antibiotics for 8 months and it was the weekend they put him on meds.

It was rainy and cold so Casen and I stayed in all weekend to get him well again. So off to Disneyland Jocelyn and Daddy went!
 There was no wait to see any princess at all!
 Barely a wait for the tram either!
 Snow White was there as well too!
 Sleeping Beauty too!

 The Small World ride was closed though. We knew this was coming since they still had their holiday stuff up until mid Jan!
 Maybe she can do it??!!!
 Off to California Adventure hotel to watch some old cartoons!
 Through it all, Casen was all smiles! He finally started eating on Sunday and we knew he was feeling better! He also slept through the night again after 3 rough nights! Hooray mommy can sleep again too! Although he hated her medicine at 1st he is starting to be OK with it and not gauging it back up! Oy the fun never ends!!
 Jocelyn and Daddy were tired after going out all weekend together!!! Wheww!!!!

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