Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disney Mommy and Jocelyn Day

 We hit the Disney Princess trifecta today! I saw Aurora out of the corner of my eye over by the side of the Castle. This is the same place we ran into Cinderella when we went for Halloween too! We walked right up to her, Cindy and Snow White! All within 10 minutes! Oh and huge bonus, Jocelyn TALKED to them all! She is extremely shy with most strangers! But not with them. She answered all their questions and actually spoke with them! I was shocked and of course took 9 million photos of it!

 Oh and the weather man called for rain but never got a drop! Yes, it was cold, but no rain! Woohoo!

 Had small world boat all to ourselves even!
 I just love the way she is hugging Jocelyn! These ladies are always "on" and know exactly how to handle a 3 year old! Disney you rock!!

Another great day at Disneyland and California Adventure's!

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