Thursday, June 23, 2016

Joshua Tree, Indian Wells and the Sultan Sea

 We started Father's Day weekend in Joshua Tree. Casen woke up with a bad tummy though. But we put him in the car ANYWAYS because we were up for an adventure! Of course he puked! Poor kids never pukes! It's usually Jocelyn. He's not so good at getting it in the bag so we had to stop for a lot of air fresheners! HAHA (I'm can laugh now).
 We finally arrived at Joshua Tree! It was about 85-90 and NO shade! HOT! But went for the "easy" trail that the ranger said would be OK for kids.

 Daddy of course had to go OFF the trail a tiny bit to see the Dam.
 Casen wasn't too happy about the heat and the huge boulders all around. But I gave him some cheetos to help him through! HA!

 There were parts that were a bit tricky to get through!

 FINALLY the hotel with a pool and water and a break for all that hiking. But of course, more Cheetos!
 We played all day in the pool! It was 106! Then went in for some pizza and drinks and to watch the soccer game!

 Silly faces

 dancing of course!

 Then the kids started to lose their minds with hiking in the heat, playing at the pool and no naps or down time.
 The kids discovered this phone in the lobby! It was fascinating to them! Jocelyn said, "Mom, how could ANYONE fit this in their purse? It's HUGE!" ohh man! LOL!

 Finally IN bed. UNTILLLLLL the smoke alarm went off IN OUR ROOM ONLY! It was beyond loud. They totally thought we were smoking IN our room until they came up! We all had a good laugh. Casen would NOT stop asking the guys questions. He got their names and told them he wants to be a police officer too. The guys were so nice!
 Now really losing their minds!! Took a while to settle them back down!
 Saturday night we went out to dinner after a day at the pool and actual NAPS! Clouds that came in made it much easier to deal with the heat!
 Off to a yummy dinner!

 After dinner we actually went back to the pool until about 9:30 because it was much cooler!

Going back to the pool! Casen's pose cracks me up! HE HATES photos so it was nice to see him actually pose for once!

Could not get over the amazing sunset!

Then that moon! So pretty!!!!

Daddy and the kids had a blast night swimming!!
Movie on the lawn. We mostly watched from the pool and then watched a bit from our balcony!
Our pool view!

Since it was father's day we did what Dad wanted to do. So he wanted to go take cool/creepy black and white photos at the Sultan Sea.
See the dead fish? It was SOOOOOO hot here the kids and I took a look around and then RAN back to the car! The sun was just way too intensely hot on our skin!
So we watched daddy take photos of abandoned houses from our nice A/C filled car!
Then we all started to go a bit crazy! But Daddy even met a friend who was doing the SAME thing....taking creepy photos!!

By the time we left it was 121. Our phones were too hot!!! They said we had to go!

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