Friday, June 3, 2016

Kindergarten coming to a close!

Yesterday Jocelyn said, "Tomorrow is my last Friday in Kindergarten!" That sort of shocked me. It took so long to get here and now it's over? How did that happen? She had such a blast this year though! She had the best teacher ever! We even got confirmation as her teacher got "Teacher of the Year"! We already knew that!! Jocelyn learned so much including reading and coding! She coded a Robot as well and even taught the teacher how to make it jump!

She made some really fun friends along the way! These 4 girls are always together now! Abby, Jocelyn, Addy and Taylor!!

Jocelyn started with a Frozen backpack but quickly moved to a Shopkins one (her steady love right now)!

Loves: Coding, Math, saving her "point money" to a dollar so she can go out to lunch with her teacher (went 3 times), her teacher, recess, being able to take a friend to the office each day for her medicine (to help her stomach digest), going to the lunchroom for free fruit, being the line leader for the day and her friends.

Dislikes: Having a sub (really stresses her out), when any friend is absent, lunchtime (much better than the beginning of the year though), the lunch people, the lunch duty people (ok maybe just lunch in general), changes in schedules.

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