Monday, June 27, 2016

Pirates and Mermaids

 Some filtered fun photos of Jocelyn this weekend. Practicing in the backyard.

 We went to the LB Pirate and Mermaid Festival this weekend for the first time. It was interesting. But the kids loved the pirate ship that shot off canon's!

 It was nice and cool too!

 They shot off canon's on the side of the beach that no one was on as well.
 Jocelyn being a hummus head. :-)

 Crafting this weekend!

 More dancing in the backyard Saturday night.

 Oh and singing!

Jocelyn's ballet teacher stopped us leaving dance tonight. She said she had no idea how young Jocelyn was. She said she asked around the class what grade they would be going into and was shocked when she heard Jocelyn say "1st grade"! She said, "I always knew she was a good dancer but now knowing her age I know she's an amazing dancer! Such long lines and so tall!" Proud mom moment.

 Ballet barre

 6 yr old attitude haahaa!

 Jocelyn drew her first mermaid.
 Casen fighting some fires with his Paw Patrol water backpack gun!

 So handsome!

 Sunday my mom got all the girls tickets to see the Little Mermaid!

 and one final singing and dancing performance with Casen on water duty to finish the Sunday out.

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