Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Fun

 Now that we are getting more settled into our new house we figured out that we have 2 big parks very close to our house. So Friday Eve (yes Thursday) night we walked to one of them! It's also off an elementary school so we also played on their playground too!

 Old school jungle gym! Jocelyn that thought was so cool!
 Casen practicing his throwing!

 Playing some basketball!

 Catch with mom!

 Friday night was Casen's Preschool end of year performance. It's really for the kids who are graduating preschool and going into Kindergarten. But the 3yr and 4 yr old classes sing at it.
Casen rocked it! He's been nervous in the past to get on stage but this year he was just fine. He danced the best and sang all this songs at the top of his lungs! We could not stop laughing!

 Saturday we went to my nieces 2nd play that she'd done now with her theater group! This time she was the star of the show as Cruella de Ville in 101 Dalmatians! She totally rocked it! She sang so well and had the best dramatic performance! Not surprised since she's been "acting" in front of the fireplace since she could stand up!

 Great job Emma!!!!
 Sunday after church was our Church BBQ/Carnival! The kids had fun on the jumpers and bean bag tosses! We had fun eating the taco truck food! YUM!

 Some backyard play before the weekend was done!

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