Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Casen!

 Our baby is 1 year old TODAY! Happy Birthday Casen!

Casen took 2 steps twice on 9/20 at 8pm! Then he took 5 steps this morning in a row at 8am! He is going to be called a walker in no time at all!!!

He has been smiling since 2 month old! He has always been very social and loves waving to people while we are out and about!

I remember this day one year ago I was checked into the hospital around 10am. Steve and I had dropped off Jocelyn with huge tears in my eyes. I knew her world was about to change as well as ours and I was so emotional. Not to mention having contractions on and off 7 days before Casen's due date!

Casen came almost just as fast as his sister which was a little over 7 hours! He was born at 8:33pm!
I remember staring at him thinking that he was seriously the most handsome baby I'd ever seen. I couldn't look away!

Instead of him sleeping in his cold, plastic clear bassinet next to me I brought him into bed with me! He slept with me from them on until he was 9 months old.

 I did a trial smash cake with him last week! He was a champ at it! He tolerated the photos for at least 10 minutes this time. I'm sure it was only because food was in front of his face. He LOVES food. All kinds.....and is not picky (yet anyways) as long as it's real food! No baby food for this guy! Once we gave him real food he only wanted that and would spit out "baby food". So now he eats whatever we are eating!

 He almost just put his entire face down in it but decided not to at the last minute.....

 Finally his 1st taste!

 He likes it!

 Ok starting to get over it....trying to leave....
 Now getting destructive...
 Smash it!

 He is always the sharer even with food......
 Ok mom I'm outta here!!

 Time to hose you down!
 He thought that was the MOST fun!
 So thirsty! I think ever kid has to drink out of the hose to have an awesome childhood! HA!

 Baby 1 year old hands.....

 Baby 1 year old feet!

 I could kiss those cheeks forever and WILL!
All clean....almost.....
HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY CASEN! We will celebrate next weekend with a dual Minnie and Mickey themed party!
Let the 2 wks of birthday begin in our house!!!!!!

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