Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

 Thankfully it wasn't too hot this Labor Day weekend to enjoy being outside. We got to go to my moms pool all day Saturday which was a big hit for the kids! No pictures of that this time. But in the afternoon on Sunday we went to Atlantis again! We love this park and still don't understand why it's not more crowded! Their water section is so perfect for small kids!
 Casen was much more cautious this time! But he wasn't feeling too great since it looks like one tooth is coming in on the bottom.

 There were just enough trees around the water area too that make it just enough shade and not a direct sun hitting the kids!

 We changed Jocelyn into dry clothes and went to play on the many playgrounds they have there are well!
 She liked this one a lot since none of its slides were in the sun! She had to check every slide before she went down them to make sure they were hot!

 On Monday we had several ideas but instead decided to stay closer to home! The kids were pretty mello and with Casen still not acting 100% we didn't want to push him. We made sure he got his two long naps in his crib as well!

So we checked out the new huge Babies R Us/Toys R Us that just opened near us (FINALLY) in Rossmoor! Their offfical grand opening is not until the 7th but they were letting people in! Their computers were not up so you could only pay cash. But Jocelyn is really good about not asking for things. We just tell her to put it on her wish this for her birthday or Santa and then mom and dad make mental notes of what she likes!
 We let her sit in this barbie car display! Not sure if she was allowed too but no one said a thing otherwise!
 When you walk in this is what you 1st see!! Well played Disney! As always very impressive! Jocelyn was in heaven and so Daddy snapped a photo!

 She was all giggled and pretty overwhelmed gasping at all the Cinderella toys!
 This is the hazards of having a sister....Casen sometimes will grab her paci! Even though he isn't super into his OWN paci...he is very into HERS...or anything she has in her hand for that matter!
 Sunday night we got to eat out with the Grandma and Grandpa Davis! Robin, Jeff and Nicolas were able to make it this time as well too! The kids were all well behaved...these were taken at the end right before we left! They needed to release a little bit of energy!

 Jocelyn played peek-a-boo with Grandma!

Another awesome weekend! It was hard getting up this morning! But at least it's already Tuesday!

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