Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jocelyn and Casen's 3rd and 1st Birthday Party-Mickey & Minnie Themed

 We had a great time at Jocelyn and Casen's party this year! Of course it was super hot & humid because it always seems to be around this time of year here now. But after an hour it started to cool off and there was a nice breeze!

We had our 1st bounce house which took the pressure off me for sure. So easy and the kids love it!

 I did a photo collage of all of Casen's month photos from 1-12!

 I made both kids outfit! It was so fun creating them over the few months before their party!

 Jocelyn's friends started to arrive. I love all the almost 3 year olds talking. That is Ava and Connor. They both turn 3 in Dec!

 Dessert table that I didn't put out until later so it didn't melt!
 Family photo of the smash cake! I made little mini cakes for them both. Casen to smash and Jocelyn to eat!

 Jocelyn blew out her candles like a pro!!

 Casen kept picking up his cake and trying to throw it! He did a great job!

 Casen got Daddy just like Jocelyn did when she was 1!

 Emma eating some cupcakes!

 Some of my work friends came as well! So sweet of them!

 Daycare friends! Issac, Connor and Ava!

 Casen found a fork!

 All the big sisters with their little brothers! We had to get a picture! Jordan with Camden, Maddy with Thomas and of course Jocelyn with Casen!

 The bounce house! Can you see Jocelyn's cheeks!? SO red!

 Sisters! Aunt Cherie came all the way from Vegas and Aunt Kristi came from Elsinore! Gra
 Grandma E with Jocelyn!
 Friends Raquel and Marivel!
 Raquel's boyfriend was playing peek-a-boo with Casen! He loved it!

 Jack, Jack!

 Too funny!

Happy Birthday Jocelyn and Casen!! We love you both so much!!

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