Friday, September 28, 2012

Jocelyn Says

These are from the past month or maybe a little bit longer. I write them down in my phone so I don't forget when she says something I just have to remember forever!

Mommy: "I love having a little girl!"
Jocelyn (looking up at mommy): "I love having a big girl" (as she puts her arm around me).

Casen had gotten into some of Jocelyn's snack and spread crumbs all over the floor.
Jocelyn says: "LOOK WHAT YOUR SON DID!"

I asked Jocelyn to do something one night and she said, "Maybe when the sun wakes up!?"

One night as we ate dinner at the table she told me in her most distressful voice all of this in one breath:
Jocelyn says: "I need to find my princess watch to be able to get bigger and go to school to show my teacher so she thinks its PRETTY!"

We were watching Higgley Town Heros together and I said, "Oh look at that silly chicken!" and she said, "IT'S NOT A CHICKEN IT'S A HEN!"

This goes on all the time! Love the things that come out of her mouth!

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