Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jocelyn's Routine

Tonight Jocelyn told me she had a dance routine to show me. She did a jump twist, then jumped down to the splits and then did a somersault! I was pretty surprised that she made that up all by herself at 2 years old! So of course we grabbed our video camera! She didn't do it exactly the same when we taped it but you get the idea! She just loves dancing so much!

We tried to get her into dance class but they said she has to be 3. She missed the date by literally 4 days! They wouldn't budge and said that the teacher requires them to be 3 and potty trained! Steve explained she has been potty trained since June but they still insisted she had to be 3 by the start date with NO exceptions! I have to say it was rather sweet to see how upset Daddy got after they denied her for only 4 days! I mean it is just 3 year old dance class people! We tried every city around us and they require the same thing. So we have to wait until Dec to put her in dance!

But for now she still love her gymnastics class (who has a new teacher that we really like) so she will stay there for now!

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