Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

 On Saturday we went to get some flowers and dirt! Jocelyn has been asking to plant seeds which are not growing fast enough for her 3 year old self! So we decided to get her some flowers as well until her seeds start to sprout! She was super excited!

Then I was off to a "Sip and See"! My friend summer had her 2nd son, Raiden 2 month ago so we all got to meet him! They had a fantastic dessert bar! So yummy!
 Then I ran back to the house where Grandma E had already gotten to! She watched the kids while Daddy and I got to have a date night for his birthday! We went to a Teppan Yaki dinner in Orange!

This morning I made sure we had some green bagels to eat! Then we had to work on our garden in the afternoon!

 I love how they are looking at each other in this picture!!

 Casen looked at the bagel and said, "uh-ohhh" if he knew it wasn't supposed to be green!
 Then time to plant our flowers. We planted some in the front yard and some in the back yard!

 Jocelyn was pretty much a good help for most of the time. But Casen was the opposite of helping! He wanted to shovel the dirt out instead of in....put the flowers out instead of in....water the cement instead of the flowers! But it was still fun despite all the craziness! Now let's just hope the flowers last and the seeds grow fast enough for Jocelyn!

 Casen had to water too!

 Snack time!

 We finally went to Island's with Daddy for his birthday as a family! He has NEVER been in 39 years...can you believe it???? The shortest member of our family was very antsy though and tried to climb out of our booth several times! Finally let him play with the salt so we could eat a little bit! He never stops!

 Jocelyn wanted to name her garden, "Jocelyn's Unicorn Garden"! So we will make a sign for it soon! That was completely on her own!
The endlessly hungry man still eating....even after our dinner! Cracks me up!

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