Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Fun!

 This weekend was really nice weather! I had Friday off to take Casen to the drs for his latest vaccines. So we picked up Jocelyn early and got some paints and did crafts in the backyard!

Casen is into them for about 1 minute. Then he dumped a big cup of water on the table which pretty much ended those arts and crafts! On to water fun!

 Saturday night we went to Disneyland!

 During Saturday day we went to Brody's 4th birthday party! Jocelyn and Brody miss each other so much now that they are both in different preschool's! I was surprised to see them play together almost the entire birthday!

Ava also got to see Casen! They also love handing out!

 Sunday we tried out pool out! It wasn't as warm as we thought it was going to be though! So it didn't last too long!

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