Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jocelyn & Casen Says

On Monday night as we ate dinner, Jocelyn said, "According to scripture Christ died for our sins! He was also buried......according to SCRIPTURE!" Steve and I shot each other a look like, really!??? So guess her school is really teaching her a lot and it's sinking in! We love how she kept emphasizing the word, "scripture"! Too funny!
She is really loving her school and we are really happy with how it's going!

Casen also started saying, "ruff ruff" when he sees a dog or cat! Despite me telling him everytime that cat's say "meow"....but at least he is getting the concept!
He says, "outside" & "all done" which sounds like, "ahhh-duhh"!
He also now shakes his head up down to say "yes" when you ask him questions. It's so cute because he will do it so deliberately as if it's almost a little hard to do but he really wants to learn! He had been shaking his head "no" for a few weeks already.
He now understands everything we say to him and will do most of the things we ask of him as long as he wants too-ha!

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