Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jocelyn's 1st Preschool Open House

 Tonight was Jocelyn's Open House at her new preschool! Sadly Casen got sick so Daddy and Casen couldn't make it! Mommy and Jocelyn still had a good time though!
 It started at 7pm in the Chapel. Jocelyn has Chapel every Wed! The pastor spoke 1st and opened up the night. Then the preschool director introduced all the teachers! The biggest cheers were for the 5yr-Pre-K room! Those teachers fully prepare each child for Kindergarden over and beyond!
 Jocelyn's teacher worked with Jocelyn to catch her up on all the artwork she missed. She made sure she had something on the wall with all the other kids in each of her sections!

 March was sea life month! April is Math month!

 This is what Jocelyn recited to us that other night! The teacher told me it's their bible lesson portion of the day! She said Jocelyn really loves it!

 Since it was sea life month, they had a person come and bring a bunch of sea life for the kids to touch! Jocelyn said she did NOT touch any of it! Ha!

 Playing in her classroom!

 This is her main teacher, Miss Kelly! We didn't get a picture of the assistant Miss Angela.
 Miss Kelly and Jocelyn! She said Jocelyn is a pleasure to have in the class and she loves the kitchen/home play section the best!
 Jocelyn the scuba diver! She introduced me to many of her friends that she already has meet. She had 4 little girls come up to her and say, "HI JOCELYN!" they were all so cute visiting with each other!

 They had a book fair as well! Buy one get one free! We came home with 4 books that Jocelyn picked out! I can't wait to read them with Jocelyn! Love getting new books! She had to run back for one more cookie!!!!
So tired and ready to go home!!!! She was so excited to show me ALL her work! I'm going to scan her work in and post it later!

By the way, she picked this outfit out very special. She tried on 3 outfits before she picked this! She said she wanted a BIG poofy skirt!!

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