Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Week

 This was when Casen got sick......he is still such a happy baby so it's so hard to tell when he is really sick. I mean even when he had the stomach bug he was ask for food 9 seconds after getting sick. He still smiled and still ate even!

But when he go the 101.7 fever and we took him to the doctors, we knew he was sick. They gave him a breathing treatment in the office and an antibiotic shots right then as well. They said to do the breathing treatments every 4 hrs and to come in the next day again. So we did and his lungs were much better they said. I asked all the questions to our doctor (our normal one is on maternity leave) and she looked at our chart and realized we knew way too much about this subject than most parents! I made sure his O2 levels were Ok and that he would be OK with just albuteral. The dr debated another antibiotic shot but in the end we decided to do an oral for 10 days.

 So mommy flew home from work and stayed with Casen while Jocelyn went to dance class!

 Turned out it was her last class for 3 wks! We didn't know since we didn't come the week before after she had the stomach bug!

 They had a little potluck to celebrate!

 Her next class starts in April! Then they have a recital in July! So fun!

 Back at home.....
Casen was a super champ! He never cries during the breathing treatments! He is very serious about them and seems to know how important they are! He is on the mend!

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