Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas #2-Happy Birthday Jesus

We can't forget the reason for the season! It's Jesus' birthday! We let Jocelyn known the true meaning of Christmas but look forward to when she will actually understand it! Happy Birthday Jesus!

On Christmas day we set off to Ryan and Kelly's house! My mom had spent so she was already there! We had SO much fun! What a great day spent with family! Emma had already gotten her kitchen and Jocelyn took right to it! She literally played with this toy all day! We got her a Step 2 50's Diner Kitchen so now we know she will like it. We didn't think she would be old enough just yet for it but now we know she is! So we will put it together next week and take picture's then!

Sweet baby Jack!
We also opened a few picture's with each other! So fun to watch the girls! Of course they are at the age they want to open one gift and play with that. So we were left to open a few presents for the girls. But this was by far my favorite picture of the day! I caught Jack doing a "surprised" face! So funny! Looks like he was so excited about his new PJ's from Grandma and Grandma!
A BIG Christmas hug from Daddy!
Then we had a super yummy brunch! Cheesy potatoes, pancakes, bacon and eggs! Nothing better!

Then it was off to take some naps! But Jocelyn had other plans! She only slept about 20 minutes on the way to their house and that was it for the day! Yikes! Surprisingly no meltdowns! Thankfully she had tons of distractions!
She got to try out Emma's new sit and spin! Good thing she got one too this morning!
Emma learned how to do it really quick!

Kelly had to try it out too! Ryan did as well but I missed getting photos of that! HA! Cracked Emma up!

Jack and Jocelyn under the tree!
Look at the sweet smile!

Jocelyn loved the oven mit!

We turned on Yo Gabba Gabba later in the afternoon to entertain the girls a little more!
Grandma's grand babies!
Oh no, in a Yo Gabba Gabba coma!

and then it was nighttime...
We took a very sleepy Jocelyn home to her crib! She was out before we even hit the first stop sign! What an amazing day! Such a great Christmas we had! To end the night a nice good rain after we were home snuggled in our PJ's! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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